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PIM Short Program

Our Pelvic Correction program is good for both chronic and sudden pain in the body.


Daily lifestyle and habits can impact the Body Posture. A Bad posture strains the muscles in the upper and lower back, which in turn, leads to pain. A systematic Pelvic Correction is our approach to treat areas of long term Body pains. These pains cannot be alleviated through massage and stretching.

PIM Standard Program

Our PIM Standard Program aims to tackle your pains from the cause.

A comprehensive balancing treatment for ultimate well-being from within

Having a good or corrected body posture is the first step towards achieving a pain-free body. In addition to restoring the body’s balance through pelvic correction and Seitai, we also focus to strengthen your inner muscles that support the skeletal frame, thus making your body less prone to pain.
With Our comprehensive Balancing Treatment ensuring Pelvic correction for restoring Body Posture, Inner muscle strengthening, and Muscle adjustment, we work towards treating pain from the cause and create a pain resistant body.
Tackle pain from the cause. Pelvic correction restores Body posture. Inner Muscle strengthening provides support for skeletal frame. Muscle Adjustment helps in creating a pain resistant body.

Postpartum Pelvic Program

A perfect Treatment Therapy for preventing postpartum change in body proportion


By correcting the Pelvis and tightening the loosened muscles, internal muscles will be restored to their original position and function better. After going through this corrective treatment, New Mothers will experience  less fatigue, and find it very much easy process to slim down.

For females suffering from postpartum body proportion changes and weight-gain, this is a perfect preventive treatment.

PIM Balance Recovery is our Signature Treatment that aims to heal You holistically by completely curing your pains through Pelvic Correction, Inner Muscle strengthening and Muscle adjustment. This restores your health completely and from its core.

Do you need support in any of these areas?

Approaching pain from the cause with PIM Balance Recovery Techniques

Protruding Belly, Lower back pains, Strained Lower Back, and Postpartum Pelvic Problems

Frozen Shoulders, Slouching in Adults and Children and Severe Neck Pain (Whiplash)

Get rid of Discomfort and Pains from Frequent Headaches / Neck Pain and Sudden Knee pain

Bring Improvement from Chills and Swelling due to FLUID RETENTION in Body

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Get in Contact

We will learn about your problems and daily habits upon completing your personal form.


Examination / Body Posture Analysis

Our Experts will find the cause of problems and posture distortion by examining the balance of your body in detail.


Explanation / Verification - Get Your doubts cleared

Our Experts will verify the cause of your problems based on your detailed examination report and also advice you on what to be careful in daily life.


Select Your PIM Package

A comprehensive package of Therapy Sessions covering Pelvic Correction, Inner Muscle Strengthening and Muscle Adjustment. We work towards treating your pain from the cause and help you achieve a pain resistant body.

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Pricing Plans

We never follow one-size-fits-all regime. A customized treatment program is advised to all every Individual based on detailed examination report that we prepare during Our Consulting Session. After all, no 2 Bodies are same!